30 Dec 2018

Building Humane Cities - 30 December

From TED Radio Hour, 7:06 pm on 30 December 2018


Building Humane Cities
Cities are symbols of hope and opportunity. But today, overcrowding and gentrification are hurting their most vulnerable residents. This hour, TED speakers explore how we can build more humane cities.

Liz Ogbu: Can We Gentrify Neighborhoods While Allowing Longtime Residents To Stay?
OluTimehin Adegbeye: How Can Cities Make Space For Their Most Vulnerable Residents?
Vishaan Chakrabarti: How Can We Design More Welcoming Cities?
Richard Berry: How Can Cities Create Opportunities For The Homeless?
Drew Philp: How Can 'Radical Neighborliness' Help Struggling Communities?

from NPR's TED Radio Hour