7 Aug 2016

Tina Ngata - The Non-Plastic Māori

From Sunday Morning, 9:40 am on 7 August 2016

Photo: supplied

Back in May, Tina Ngata travelled to New York to make a submission to the UN Permanent Forum for Indigenous Issues.

Tina, who blogs under the name the non-plastic Māori, condemned Helen Clark's track-record on indigenous rights and suggested there could be better candidates than the former Kiwi PM for the top job at the UN.

Ten weeks later it hit the headlines.

Tina has also embarked on a  year-long journey of plastic-free purchasing.

On her blog she says:

"I want to explore the experience of living for a year without purchasing any new plastics. I’m doing it to highlight how very dependent we’ve become, but also to demonstrate that we CAN make personal choices that will minimise our own plastic waste production."

Wallace Chapman talks to Tina about her visit to the UN  and also about her campaign to combat the consumption of plastic.