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Every year thousands of Irish women travel across the Irish Sea to the United Kingdom where abortion is legal to terminate their pregnancies. In this BBC documentary Colette Kinsella meets Catholic women who have made that trip in secret to hear how that has affected their faith, and also the practising Catholic women who feel that the laws have to be altered despite their Church’s firm stance - Colette hears how they reconcile their views with their strong faith. The pro-choice argument has been stoked by the death of Savita Halappanavar in November 2012. After complications early in her pregnancy, she went to hospital in Galway on Ireland's west coast. Termination, she was told wasn’t an option as Ireland was a Catholic country. Savita, a Hindu, died. Although the inquest didn’t say that a termination would have saved her life, Irish people took to the streets in her name to demand a change.  

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