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Zimbabwean human rights campaigner Farai Maguwu talks to Miriam O'Reilly (Part 2 of 3)

Miriam O'Reilly  continues her three-part BBC series exploring personal stories of integrity, courage, and the cost of doing the right thing.

Farai Maguwu is an outspoken critic of human rights abuses in the Marange diamond fields in Zimbabwe. After he exposed evidence of a massacre of civilians in 2008 alleged to have been carried out by soldiers and paramilitary police, his home was raided and family members beaten and taken hostage.  In response, Farai Maguwu gave himself up to police and was detained for over a month, facing a possible 20-year jail term.  A man with a strong Christian faith, Farai believes that he has a calling to inspire others, and took great comfort from his faith during his time in prison.  He believes Jesus was a great human rights champion, and is an admirer of Martin Luther King's blend of religion, politics, and human rights.


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