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A series of panel discussions recorded before an audience at the Auckland Museum

Audio will be available after broadcast.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Greed, the seventh deadly sin

Finlay Macdonald analyses contemporary manifestations of greed with academics Phoebe Fletcher, Dr Campbell Jones, and the leading financial journalist Bernard Hickey.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Sloth, the sixth deadly sin

Comedians Ben Hurley, Irene Pink and Chris Brain along with political and social commentator Martyn (Bomber) Bradbury provide a light-hearted look at laziness in New Zealand society.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Lust, the fifth deadly sin

Russell Brown discusses what’s possibly the best-known of the seven deadly sins with prominent journalist David Farrier, author and blogger Emma Hart and adult shop owner Ema Lyon.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Gluttony, the fourth deadly sin

Richard Pamatatau explores our relationship with food with the Prime Minister’s science advisor Professor Sir Peter Gluckman, weight loss industry-critic Dr Andrew Dickson from Massey University and one of New Zealand’s best known authorities on local cuisine, Ray McVinnie.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Pride, the third deadly sin

Wallace Chapman looks at tall poppies and humble heroes with Independent Maori Statutory Board chief executive Brandi Hudson, journalist Gordon McLauchlan and the religious historian Dr Peter Lineham.

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Wrath, the second deadly sin

Finlay McDonald explores with psychologist Professor Michael Corballis, mental health expert Dr Janet Fanslow and composer Ruia Aperahama whether New Zealand is an angry society and if so, why?

Smart Talk at the Auckland Museum: Envy, the first deadly sin

Kicking off a series of lively panel discussions on the Seven Deadly Sins, theologian Sir Lloyd Geering, designer Denise L'Estrange Corbet and artist Reuben Paterson consider Envy with moderator Wallace Chapman.