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Tonight Round Midnight features music from master vocalist Mark Murphy, new school bass player Ben Williams, trumpeter Terence Blanchard and puts a spot light on the work of the late composer and arranger Clare Fischer.


La Nevada - Gil Evans

Album Title: Great Jazz Standards

Label: Pacific Jazz Records


Minor Soul - Johnny Lytle 

Album Title: Swingin' At The Gate

Label: Pacific Jazz Records


Milestones - Mark Murphy

Album Title: Rah

Label: Riverside


Extension – Clare Fischer

Album Title: Extension

Label: Pacific Jazz Records


Afro Blue - Clare Fischer

Album Title: Manteca

Label: Pacific Jazz Records


Morning - Clare Fischer

Album Title: Manteca

Label: Pacific Jazz Records


Lullaby For Helene - Bill Evans

Album Title: From Left To Right

Label: Verve


So Alive - Brandee Younger

Album Title: Prelude Ep

Label: Self Released


Won't You Open Up Your Senses - 4 Hero 

Album Title: Blue Note Revisited

Label: Blue Note


Moontrane - Ben Williams

Album Title: State Of Art

Label: Concord


A New World (Created Inside The Walls Of Imagination) - Terrance Blanchard

Album Title: Choices

Label: Concord


Awake To You - Taylor McFerrin

Album Title: A Place In My Heart Ep

Label: Brainfeeder