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The Antarctic Heritage Trust oversees the conservation of buildings during the Antarctic summer months while conservation of the artefact collections occur year round. 

During Kathryn Ryan's recent visit to Antarctica she visited one of the huts being restored - Scott's Terra Nova Hut at Cape Evans - 22 kilometres from Scott Base. It was from here that Robert Falcon Scott set off for his ill-fated expedition to the South Pole.

Kathryn was shown around the hut by Al Fastier, the programme manager for the Antarctic Heritage Trust, and his colleague Lizzie Meek, the artefacts manager.

The work is painstaking as they attempt to maintain the artefacts and keep the huts in their original condition as far as is possible. She began by talking with Al Fastier about the location of the Terra Nova Hut.

Gallery: Scott's Hut at Cape Evans

sleeping quarters inside Scott s hut at Cape Evans
Sleeping quarters inside Scott's hut at Cape Evans.