09:05 NZ born terror suspect - what next?

A 26-year-old New Zealand citizen and two children were taken to court at Hatay under security measures. Turkye's Ministry of National Defence said they tried to enter from Syria illegally.

Photo: AFP / Anadolu Agency

What is likely in the case of the New Zealand born woman linked to Islamic State, and her two young children, detained in Turkey? 25-year-old Suhayra Aden has lived in Australia since the age of six, where she attained dual citizenship, and went to Syria from Australia in 2014 to live under Islamic State. Australia has revoked her citizenship, sparking anger from Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern who says New Zealand is sick of Australia exporting its problems here. If she is deported from Turkey to New Zealand - how could our government respond, what will her fate be and that of her children? Kathryn speaks with Deborah Manning, an Auckland lawyer specialising in refugee, immigration law and human rights law.

09:15 Mayor Andy Foster on Wellington's woes

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Photo: RNZ / Samuel Rillstone

Wellington's mayor Andy Foster discusses the many problems facing the capital city and what the plan is for dealing with them. Ageing, leaking pipes, earthquake prone buildings needing strengthening, a housing shortage, the highest rents in the country, and now a proposed rates hike of 14 per cent - the biggest in a quarter of a century.

09:20 Eating Disorders: new survey reveals cost to carers

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A new study has shone a light on the significant financial impact on carers of people eating disorders. The Otago University study surveyed 137 carers most of whom were parents of someone affected by anorexia nervosa. Nearly a quarter of carers reported that they were unable to work or study at all due to caring for the person with the eating disorder. The average income for carers in the study reduced by 27 per cent, and three quarters reported their productivity was half what it was prior to caring for their family member. Kathryn talks with Clinical Psychologist and Otago University Associate Professor in the Department of Psychological Medicine Jenny Jordan.

09:45 Isis bride sparks trans-Tasman spat, rape alleged at Parliament House

Australia correspondent Karen Middleton looks at the row between Australia and New Zealand over the fate of a young woman who left Melbourne to join Islamic State and has now been detained. A young Parliamentary staffer has described being raped at Parliament House, and then coming under pressure to keep it quiet. Covid-leaks from hotel quarantine has the state of Victoria considering purpose-built facilities.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Australia's Prime Minister Scott Morrison attend the signing of the Indigenous Collaboration Arrangement at Admiralty House in Sydney on February 28, 2020.

File photo of Jacinda Ardern and Scott Morrison meeting in February 2020. Photo: BIANCA DE MARCHI / POOL / AFP

10:05 Māori scholars on being a minority in academia

Just five percent of the tertiary sector's teaching and research staff are Māori - a statistic that remains stubbornly low. A new book has brought together the stories of 24 Māori academics, allowing them to detail how they've worked in their respective fields to bring their mātauranga - or Māori knowledge - to their work. The book, Ngā Kete Mātauranga: Māori Scholars at the Research Interface, seeks to demonstrate how mātauranga can positively influence Western-dominated disciplines of knowledge in the research sector. Kathryn talks to the co-editors of the book, Professor Jacinta Ruru from Otago University and Professor Linda Waimarie Nikora from the University of Auckland.

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10:35 Book review - The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. 

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Louise O'Brien reviews The Mysterious Disappearance of Aidan S. by David Levithan, published by Text.

10:45 The Reading

Steve Braunias with the third part of his book 'How To Watch A Bird'.

11:05 Music with Kirsten Johnstone

Kirsten joins Kathryn to share a local section of relative newcomers including Zoe Moon and Ben Woods.

Ben Woods - Lozenge

Ben Woods.  Photo: screen grab

11:20 A Soldier's Tale tours again 

Having a huge new show packed with big names cancelled by a pandemic doesn't come as a surprise to us now, but it did to Igor Stravinsky in 1918. Histoire du Soldat, or The Soldier's Tale, was setting off on its maiden tour when the Spanish Flu pandemic shut it down. The New Zealand Symphony Orchestra and the Royal New Zealand Ballet are joining forces to take the work to cities and towns right around Aotearoa.

The piece was designed to be played in small town and village halls. It has music, dancing, a narrator and a pact with the devil! Sara Brodie is the director of this production of The Soldier's Tale and she joins Kathryn to discuss staging a show from one pandemic in another, a century on. 

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11:45 Bullying and harassment in the workplace

Legal commentator Garth Gallaway looks at the guidelines being prepared by MBIE in relation to bullying and harassment - including sexual harassment - in the workplace. What does employment law say about this?

Bullying at work concept. Adult man get harassment by angry coworkers. Accus at office vector illustration. Victim person worker, stress on job, failure and unhappy

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