09:05 PM to reveal decision on election date at 10am

The Prime Minister will reveal her decision on whether to delay the election this morning. Jacinda Ardern says she has sought the views of every political party in Parliament on whether to do so. The Covid-19 outbreak in Auckland has forced the suspension of political campaigning, and prompted calls to postpone the scheduled date of September the 19th. New Zealand First wants it delayed until November the 21st - something National says it could support - to ensure, it says, a free and fair election. RNZ deputy political editor Craig McCulloch joins Kathryn to talk about what's at stake.

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0920: What's the economic impact of the latest Covid lockdown?

Kathryn discusses the impact of the latest lockdown on the Auckland economy and the broader New Zealand economy with Brad Olsen from Infometrics, and Jarrod Kerr, Chief Economist with Kiwibank.

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09:35 Abuse of stretched nursing frontline must stop

 Nurses Organisation Kaiwhakahaere Kerri Nuku says nurses on the frontline are being abused and bearing the brunt of anxious people waiting in long lines at community testing centres for Covid-19 swabs.  She is also calling for a standard testing programme for frontline medical staff, in line with border and port workers.

Ōtara Covid-19 Testing Station 13 August

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09:45 Belarus calls Russia for help as protests grow, Brits rush home from France

Europe correspondent Seamus Kearney joins Kathryn to talk about the biggest protest yet against Belarusian president Alexander Lukashenko, dubbed 'Europe's last dictator'. About 200,000 people turned out for a rally in Minsk, as the government called on Russia to help quell the dissent. And there was fresh chaos in Europe as Britons raced to get home from France to beat a new 14-day Covid 19 quarantine rule announced by London.

Belarus opposition supporters attend a demonstration in central Minsk on August 16, 2020.

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10:05 Prime Minister's media conference on election date

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is due to make an announcement on the dissolution of Parliament, due today. We'll take the press conference live.

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10:30 RNZ's deputy political editor Craig McCulloch

Craig talks to Kathryn about this morning's announcement from the Prime Minister.

10:35 ACT leader David Seymour - a later election

David Seymour talks to Kathryn about the new 17 October election date.

David Seymour addresses media following the release of the justice committee's report on the End of Life Choice Bill

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10:40 Book review -  Kokomo by Victoria Hannan

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Photo: Victoria Hannan / Hachette

Laura Caygill reviews Kokomo by Victoria Hannan, published by Hachette.

A tender first novel about love, family, friendship and hiding from life. 

10:45 The Reading

Someone's Wife, episode 5. Written and read by Linda Burgess.

10:57 Business NZ consulted on election date

Business NZ's Chief Executive Kirk Hope talks to Kathryn about the delayed election date.

BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope.

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11:05 Winston Peters satisfied with new election date

NZ First Leader Winston Peters says campaigning can proceed now the election date has been pushed out a month

New Zealand First leader Winston Peters.

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11:15 Judith Collins says a later date preferable

National Party Leader Judith Collins says she can work with the new election date, but she would have have preferred 21 November. 

National Party leader Judith Collins

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11:25 Political commentators Jones and Morten 

Neale, Brigitte and Kathryn discuss the new election, Saturday 17 October.

Voting took place at 110 polling booths.

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Neale Jones was Chief of Staff to Labour Leader Jacinda Ardern, and prior to that was Chief of Staff to Andrew Little. He is the director of Capital Government Relations.

Brigitte Morten is a senior consultant with public and commercial law firm Franks & Ogilvie and a former senior ministerial advisor for the previous National-led government. During the election campaign Brigitte is volunteering on the National Wellington Central campaign for Nicola Willis.

11:30 Hannah Miller - From Chef to Butcher

Hannah Miller went from being a chef to a butcher, so she could cook meat the way she wanted - from nose to tail, the whole carcass. Now she teaches butchery classes, and sells cured meats - all locally and ethically sourced. She joins Kathryn to give some tips about how to cook cuts of meat often destined for the bin, and how to butcher and cure meat at home. 

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Photo: A Lady Butcher

11:45 Off the beaten track with Kennedy Warne

A walk in Cornwallis, a new direction for resource management, and the Lorax makes an appearance in Avondale.