09:05 MSD forging ahead with private data collection

Data for funding

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MSD's Principal Advisor Peter Galvin responds to criticism over its collection of private data of people who access services like rape crisis, women's refuge and family budgeting services. The Privacy Commissioner says the government's plan is excessive and disproportionate, but the Minister for Social Development is refusing to back down.

09:25 Can chronic homelessness really be beaten in Auckland ?

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Photo: Auckland council

Kathryn Ryan talks to Dr Sam Tsemberis who is the  founder of Pathways to Housing in New York City and designer of the Housing First model. He's been working alongside Auckland council and others on a two year pilot, which started last month, with the ambitious goal to end homelessness in the city. What is the evidence that this is not  just a lofty goal?

09:35 A hunter's tale

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Kathryn Ryan talks with Mike Daisley of the Mountain Safety Council about new research which reveals where, when and how hunters are being hurt and killed in the bush.

09:45 UK correspondent Kate Adie

The immediate fall-out from triggering Article 50; including the uproar over Gibraltar and whether an attack on an asylum-seeker south of London is a consequence of Brexit. Also, words that have caused a storm in the sports world.

10:05 Caroline Brothers: Argentina's disappeared

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Kathryn Ryan talks with Australian born journalist, writer and historian Caroline Brothers, whose second novel, The Memory Stones, is a saga set in Argentina during the military regime of the late 70s and 80s, exploring the impact of disappearance on a family. She will be in New Zealand next month for the Auckland Writers Festival.

10:35 Book review

10:45 The Reading

11:05 New technology with Andrew Cushen

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Andrew Cushen, Deputy CEO at Internet NZ,  looks at rural broadband extension, online privacy and says goodbye to Yahoo.

11:25 10 Things Girls Need Most

Renowned Australian psychologist, parent educator and writer Steve Biddulph who says girlhood has become more lonely, pressured and unkind. At the same time, he says adults are less available to support their daughters through. He talks to Kathryn Ryan about his new book 10 Things Girls Need Most.

11:45 Viewing with Sarah McMullan

Sarah's been watching TV1's The Missing, and new Sci-fi Ghost in the Shell.