09:05 Whanau Ora review finds proper assessment of funds not being done

Brian Gardner, from the National Network of Stopping Violence Services; John Tamihere, CEO of Whanau Ora provider Te Whanau o Waipareira; and Merepeka Raukawa-Tait, deputy chair of the Te Arawa Whanau Ora regional leadership group.

09:30 The first macroeconomic review of NZ's green growth opportunities

Kathryn Smith is an economist with London-based Vivid Economics, which helped prepare a report called Green Growth: Opportunities for New Zealand for the Green Growth Research Trust. It identifies 21 specific green growth opportunities for this country.

09:25 The first macroeconomic review of New Zealand's green growth opportunities

09:45 UK correspondent Jon Dennis

10:05 Alison Clarke - childbirth in 19th century New Zealand

Historian and former nurse who's written about childbirth in 19th century New Zealand, looking at it in both medical and social contexts. It traces the stories of Maori and Pakeha births, based on letters, diaries and memoirs from the time.

Born to a Changing World: Childbirth in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand by Alison Clarke
Published by Bridget Williams Books
ISBN: 9781927131428

Gallery: Childbirth in Nineteenth-Century New Zealand

Feeding bottles Hocken
Popular feeding bottles, advertised in an 1889 trade journal [detail]. Parents and caregivers often used tubing that was much longer than that shown in these illustrations. Chemist and Druggist, 2 November 1889, W.A. Baylis the Chemist Limited records, 84-126, Hocken Collections, Uare Taoka o Hākena, University of Otago.

10:35 Book Review with Louise O'Brien

Ketchup Clouds by Annabel Pitcher
Published by Orion

10:45 The Reading: Wulf by Hamish Clayton

The award-winning story of Te Rauparaha's surprise raid in 1831 when he chartered an English trader's ship to take his war party from Kapiti to Banks Peninsula for an attack on his Kai Tahu enemy. (Part 9 of 10)

11:05 New Technology with Donald Clark

US Election Technology Fail; Free Internet from Google and Facebook; and The Pope joins Twitter.

11:20 Parenting commentator Celia Lashlie

Boys and screens.

11:45 Media commentator Gavin Ellis

The BBC scandal and role of bloggers questioning David Shearer's leadership.

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