09:05 Fiji expulsions

Netani Rika, editor of the Fiji Times.

09:20 US Presidential campaign

Bill Ayers, educationalist and former radical, co-founder of radical anti-Vietnam War group, the Weathermen, in late 1960s that launched a bombing campaign against federal government buildings. Charges were dropped in 1974 because of illegal wire-taps. Ayers, now a respected educator in Chicago, gained international attention after his connections with Barack Obama formed the main focus of attacks by Republicans, particularly, Sarah Palin, in the last weeks of the US election campaign.

09:30 Caterpillar plague

Karon Carr, set up the Itty Bitty Grub Committee - in response to a relatively unknown breed of caterpillar invading her Queensland town of Yandaran

09:45 US correspondent Richard Adams, Washington editor ofThe Guardian

10:05 Big Year interview series

Len Brown, Mayor of Manukau City

Manukau at the centre of a law-and-order debate after multiple killings and Len himself had a brush with death when he suffered a massive heart attack in May. He asked for two months leave to recover, his Council told him take six months and he was back at work after four.

10:30 Book Review with Sonja de Freiz

The Gargoyles by Andrew Davidson
Published by Text Publishing

10:45 Reading: Garibaldi Did Not Sleep Here by Paul Horan

(Episode 4 of 6)

11:05 Business with Bernard Hickey, managing editor of interest.co.nz

11:30 The Learning Revolution - how technology should be forcing a re-think of how we approach the entire school system

Gordon Dryden has been a journalist, broadcaster, public relations and adman, businessman and publisher. In recent years he has been putting his energies into education, and communications technology.

He wrote the best-selling The Learning Revolution - which sold more than 10 million copies in China and over 100-thousand copies everywhere else.

That book was co-authored with American educationalist Jeanette Vos, and the pair have collaborated again on a new book, Unlimited - The new learning revolution, and the seven keys to unlock it.

A major focus, how technology should be forcing a re-think of how we approach the entire school system.