Nine to Noon for 28 August 2008

09:05 Winston Peters - where to from here?

Matthew Hooton and Laila Harre, political commentators, debate the issue.

09:30 UK Correspondent Michael White

09:40 Darwin Correspondence Project

Dr Alison Pearn PhD, Assistant Director of the Darwin Correspondence Project based at Cambridge University Library.
The Darwin Correspondence Project was founded in 1974 by an American scholar, Frederick Burkhardt, with the aid of Sydney Smith, a zoologist in the University of Cambridge (UK). They originally set out to locate, research, and publish summaries of, all letters written by Charles Darwin, the most celebrated naturalist of the nineteenth century. (1809-82). Following a pilot project, it was decided to include letters written to Darwin also - an unusual step for a collection of correspondence at the time, and one now widely followed - and to publish complete transcripts in chronological order.

Since then, the Project has had a staff of researchers and editors in both the UK and US, those in the UK being based in Cambridge University Library which houses the largest single collection of Darwin's manuscripts, and his own library of books and journals. The papers include around 9,000 letters.

09:50 Taser Guns

Police Commissioner, Howard Broad, announces frontline Police are to be issued Taser stun-guns

Robert Fisk10:05 Feature Interview - Robert Fisk

Middle East correspondent reflects on 32 years in the Middle East. Robert Fisk has become a household name for his often passionate writing on the Middle East. He has lived in Beirut for more than thirty years, working fist as a correspondent for the Times and now for The Independent. His most recent book is a collection of his essays, The Age of the Warrior.

10:40 Book Review with Mary McCallum

Fugitive Blue by Claire Thomas
Published by Allen & Unwin
ISBN 9781741754094

10:45 Reading. Wrestling with God by Lloyd Geering

Episode 7 of 12

11:05 New Technology with Colin Jackson

Today's topic: Do Politican's "get" then internet?

11:30 Crack House

Kris Hollington, author of Crack House, an action-packed true tale of tough London coppers and their crusade against the evil, ruthless drug lords blighting England's green and pleasant land.

11:45 TV Review with Simon Wilson

A look at the new Aussie cop show City Homicide and other new offerings.