Nine to Noon for Friday 13 June 2008

09:05 Auckland City Mission

One of the largest social service providers in the country, The Auckland City Mission says it feels as if many of its clients are living in the Depression Era, and it believes the worst is yet to come.

09:20 Campylobacter

New figures show rates of campylobacter are falling, but concerns remain about the safety of eating fresh chicken. Michael Baker, Department of Public Health, Wellington School of Medicine; Judy Lee, Principal Adviser, Risk Management with the New Zealand Food Safety Authority; and Michael Brooks, Executive Director Poulty Industry Association

09:30 The Trons

Greg Locke, Creater of The Trons - a robotic pop band. (see below)

09:45 Asia Correspondent Phil O'Sullivan

10:05 Checking the Facts

Brooks Jackson, Director, part of The Annenberg Public Policy Center of the University of Pennsylvania. As the US presidential election continues to hold centre stage - Brooks Jackson makes his career checking the facts of what the candidates say ... and whether voters can (or should) believe them.

10:30 Book Review with Laura Kroetsch

Beijing Coma by Ma Jian
Published by Chatto & Windus
ISBN 978 070 118 2670

10:45 Reading: Edwin & Matilda by Laurence Fearnley

11:05 Music Review with Manu Taylor

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular
BMG 88697195122

Billy TK Junior - Presenting Billy TK Jnr
Ode Records

Son of Dave - 03
Kartel Ltd

11:30 Sport Commentator Richard Becht

11:45 Week That Was

Radar and Gemma Gracewood