Nine to Noon Today

9:05 Auditor General inquiry into Immigration

Interview with Clayton Cosgrove, Minister of Immigration

9:20 Women rebuilding their lives after rape

Jan Jordan, Senior Lecturer in Criminology, Victoria University, author of Serial Survivors: Womens' narratives of surviving rape; and Shelley, one of Malcolm Rewa's victims.

Dr Jordan's book is officially launched tomorrow.

9:45 US correspondent Richard Adams, Washington Editor of The Guardian

10:05 Bishop Gene Robinson: first openly gay Episcopal Bishop

Five years ago Gene Robinson became the first openly gay bishop inside the Anglican Church. As a crisis meeting looms, can the church reach a compromise over homosexuality?

10:30 Book Review: Bomber Boys by Patrick Bishop

Reviewed by Don Rood
Published by 4th Estate, ISBN 978 000 719 2151

10:45 Book Reading: The Man With No Arms & Other Stories

Karen Calder reads the final part of her story from the Glen Busch collection

11:05 Business with Rod Oram

11:30 Health with Ron Patterson, Health and Disability Commissioner

11:45 Media commentator Wayne Hope, AUT lecturer in communications studies