21 Dec 2020

WATCH: Anna Coddington celebrates album release with exclusive live performance

From RNZ Music, 6:30 pm on 21 December 2020

Anna Coddington’s new album Beams is out now and RNZ Music was lucky enough to record an exclusive live session with her at Auckland's renowned Roundhead Studios.

'Do I Exist?' – a song about the many hats we wear as human beings – wowed crowds on Fly My Pretties' recent NZ tour. This special live version, performed at Roundhead Studios, comes alongside the official video for the track, shot on and made for mobile.

Anna is set to perform at Auckland Arts Festival in March, in conjunction with a striking live visual art show.

She’ll be accompanied by a band made up of Aotearoa's top musical talent including Jol Mulholland, Mike Hall (Pluto), and Steph Brown and Fen Ikner (LIPS) who co-wrote and produced Beams.

Visual artist Greta Menzies will unveil bespoke artworks created in response to the live show.

Beams is Raglan-born musician Anna Coddington’s fourth studio album. Leaning into her indie sensibilities, while maintaining a pop edge, the record sees Anna exploring her place in the world as a mother, musician, Māori & human being.

Produced by APRA Silver Scroll-winning duo Steph Brown & Fen Ikner aka LIPS, Beams combines LIPS’ electronic-pop style with Anna’s penchant for storytelling.

Each track explores a different aspect of Anna’s personal life, and through that, exposes a some universal human emotions.

Anna wrote all the songs on the record using her guitar, then LIPS came to party and layered up wistful, nostalgic synths, punchy drums, and well-placed basslines, all with Anna’s vocals front and centre.

Beams was recorded at Steph and Fen’s home, between the childcare-friendly hours of 10am and 2.30pm. The relaxed-yet-focused vibe of the recording sessions is evident on the album, which remains playful, but with every word and action deliberate.

Since the release of her last album, 2016’s luck/Time, Anna has performed with the likes of Fly My Pretties, the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, the Christchurch Symphony Orchestra, the Blackbird Ensemble and more.

She’s co-written with, and produced for other artists, and composed the original music for the TV series ‘Head High’, all while maintaining a robust writing ethic, being a mum, and running the occasional marathon!

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