24 Jul 2021


From Music 101, 3:15 pm on 24 July 2021

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This week we meet punk band DEB 5000.

The band is made up of members Jessica Dew, Steph Stuteley, Nicole Gaffney, and Ciara Bernstein, who as you’ll hear, have been in a number of other musical projects. 

DEB500 find the fun in punk rock, writing songs about killer rats, termite queens, and Keanu Reeves. 
“If it’s not fun then I literally can’t be bothered” 

Jessica and Steph joined us to chat about Girls Rock Camp, man-killing robots, industrial handwash, and introduce their single ‘Rats’. 

Listen to DEB5000's debut EP Debutante

DEB5000 Debutante EP Cover

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