26 Aug 2017

October - Pure

From Music 101, 2:30 pm on 26 August 2017

October Photo: supplied

October hails from Blenheim and since moving to Auckland the young producer, singer and songwriter has put her music career as her number one focus. She's gaining attention in all the right circles and was noticed by talent manager Ashley Page (Broods, Joel Little) who straight away teamed her up with New Zealand's most successful music producer, Joel Little.    

"My first ever writing session was with Joel which was terrifying, just the idea of being put in a room with this fantastic, well-regarded producer was pretty intimidating. But Joel is just so down to earth, as soon as I entered the room it was just the most relaxed environment ever. 

"The point of me having those sessions wasn’t necessarily for writing it was really for me to learn production techniques from one of the greats really because first and foremost I’m a producer and that’s my favourite part of the whole process."

The new songs are all self produced and are much higher energy that her previous work, its a sound well suited to a live environment. October has clear creative goals and is a self confessed slight recluse preferring to spend her time making music in her bedroom than being part of any particular 'music scene'. 

"If im going to be honest when I first moved here I really hated Auckland. I really loved wellington, it seemed like such a thriving creative hub and coming to Auckland was kind of soul sucking. I think Wellington will always feel a little more like home. But Auckland has provided me with a lot of opportunities which I'm grateful for"