Saturday 6 September

Trevor Reekie speaks to the organisers of Rockquest, as well as some famous previous winners, about twenty years of competition;

Kirsten makes good on her threat to buy a banjo;

Music 101's Sam Wicks drops in on rehearsals for Supergroove's Crosstown Revue, a show that sees the funk veterans debut new material and join forces with Scribe, Hollie Smith and newcomer Gin Wigmore at Auckland's Civic Theatre;

Nick Bollinger reviews a new album by songwriter and composer Randy Newman, and finds out whether eight years apart has changed The Verve's sound;

And at 4.10 pm we start a series: Behind The Smile - The Real Life of Bob Marley

Was he a prophet, a revolutionary, a symbol of black pride? Or a shameless sell-out who would stop at nothing in search of success?

Brinsley Forde, former lead singer of Aswad, peels back the layers of myth, spin and downright lies to look at the man who became one of the most celebrated musicians of all time. (Part 1 of 4)

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