15 Oct 2023

Panel analysis: Labour's loss is National's gain

From Morning Report, 8:46 am on 15 October 2023

New Zealanders have voted for change, giving the National party a clear mandate to lead the next government with 50 seats in parliament and just under 39 percent support. 

Voters have splashed blue across the country, and red seats in the North and South have flipped to National, the Greens and Te Pati Maori. 

National and ACT together have 61 seats in a 121-seat parliament. 

Labour support fell to just under 27 percent.

Panelists National Party member and volunteer for Nicola Willis' campaign for Ohariu Brigitte Morten, former National party minister Chris Finlayson, VIctoria University of Wellington political scientist Dr Lara Greaves, and  former Labour Party leader David Cunliffe spoke to Morning Report's post-election special.