Otago residents wait to find out how long lead was in water

From Morning Report, 6:50 am on 3 February 2021

Residents of two small towns near Dunedin are still waiting to find out how long they may have been exposed to lead in their water supply.

The city council has admitted that levels of lead have been found up to four times the acceptable limit in water feeding homes in Karitāne and Waikouaiti.

Although the alarming test results were sent to the council on 18 December, nearly 2000 people were told only yesterday to avoid tap water for drinking, cooking or preparing food.

The council said the results were sent to an unmonitored email address and not picked up until after the New Year. (when picked up is still unclear)

Karitane School Board of Trustees chairperson, Jane Schofield, has long been suspicious of her water. 

She told RNZ's Anan Zaki that for more than a decade, she has filled up at her mother's house or drawn water from the tap outside a nearby brewery.