2 Nov 2018

Czech criminal's residency: How did it happen?

From Morning Report, 7:14 am on 2 November 2018

Karel Sroubek arrived in New Zealand in 2003 using a false passport under the name Jan Antolik. Since then he's set up seven companies and managed to buy a house largely with cash. He was associated with the Hell's Angels gang, and in 2009 was facing charges of kidnapping and aggravated robbery. He was on bail awaiting trial when he applied to the High Court to be allowed to go back to the Czech Republic. The court documents from 2009 show he'd already been allowed back earlier that year and the judge said that showed he could be trusted to return. Sroubek was jailed two years ago, for more than five years, for importing MDMA also known as ecstasy. Alistair McClymont is an immigration lawyer. He discusses the details of the case with Susie Ferguson.