31 Jul 2018

Road Transport Forum concerned about truck safety for years

From Morning Report, 6:13 am on 31 July 2018

The Road Transport Forum's chief executive says it's been concerned about a lack of oversight for heavy vehicle certifiers for years, and is glad the Transport Agency is conducting an investigation. Certifiers are accredited by NZTA and are tasked with carrying out inspections on heavy vehicles. Two certifiers have recently been suspended by NZTA and in April it revoked more than 800 certifications and required them to be re-checked after 61 faulty towbars were found. It is now looking into some other certifiers and allegations that certifiers were signing off on towing connections by looking at photos instead of checking them in-person. The Road Transport Forum's Ken Shirley told RNZ reporter Emma Hatton the Transport Agency has been under-resourced for years, which has meant certifiers have had very little government oversight.