24 Jul 2018

Tauranga Council negotiates Bella Vista purchases

From Morning Report, 8:44 am on 24 July 2018

Tauranga City Council met behind closed doors on Monday to discuss negotiations around the promised purchase of the dodgy homes in the Bella Vista subdivision - more than 43 days after agreeing to buy the homes affected by the failed housing development. Homeowners say they've been left in limbo while they wait for a decision on compensation. Last month the council agreed to compensate those who had bought homes in the Bella Vista development. They had previously been evacuated from their homes due to "shoddy workmanship".

Also yesterday a group of homeowners were emailed by the council, requesting permission to do invasive testing. Residents said they were worried, especially about market value. Tauranga City Council chief executive Garry Poole talks to Guyon Espiner.