18 Jun 2014

"It felt quite good as a little Kiwi chick to get one over them"

From Clips

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"I was up forward with David's Nikon 35mm camera. I could hear Mary screaming as I watched her through the view-finder of the camera. I was afraid of David's rage if I missed the shots of the French soldiers." As Mary Lornie's video camera had been thrown overboard by a commando, Anna's film was the only other record of what happened that afternoon on-board the Vega. She says there anxious moments waiting to discover whether she had in fact captured any images. When they were released, she felt relief that the violence had indeed been captured. "It certainly turned the whole thing on its head and I think that was the beginning of the end really for the atmospheric testing and of course this violence hit home to people…the French were mighty pissed off with us."