6:08 Sugar and Spice's Christmas Morning

Christmas fairies Sugar and Spice are back to get your Christmas morning off to an entertaining start and put you in a festive mood for the rest of the day.

6 to 7am

Santa's Kiwi Holiday; Hairy McClary and Zachary Quack by Lynley Dodd, read by Miranda Harcourt; How the Kiwi Lost its Wings; A Boy for a Pet by Joy Cowley, read by Desmond Kelly; Sparky's Magic Piano.

7 to 8am

From the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter in Hamilton, led by The Dean of the Church, the Very Reverend Peter Rickman.

8 to 9am

The Selfish Giant; A Very Happy Bathday by Margaret Mahy, read by Brian Sergent.

Phillip Simpson, commander with the Royal New Zealand Navy in Jerusalem.

Colonel Paul Curry, senior New Zealand officer working in the Afghan capital for the International Security Assistance Force, mainly liaising with the Afghan government.

9 to 10am

An tribute to much loved children's author Margaret Mahy who died this year.

Wicket Red Riding Hood, read by Perry Percy. The Tree Doctor read by Sima Urale.

10 to 11am

In the true spirit of Christmas, Asian Report's Lynda Chanwai-Earle talks to organisers of the Little Lotus Project to find out how prominent New Zealand artists and musicians, including Anna Coddington, were inspired to raise funds to help refugee children living off rubbish dumps on the border of Thailand and Myanmar. Lynda had the privilege of meeting this very funky home-grown, New Zealand-based charity that promotes four essential needs in children's lives: education, nutrition, shelter and often overlooked.

See images of the artworks and the children and drawings they were inspired by

Watch the Little Lotus Project documentary

Gallery: What Do You Dream? auction night

Lynda in the Amazing Travelling Photo Booth.

The Little Lotus Project and Anna Coddington’s music video Big Life.

Festivus - a secular holiday celebrated on December 23rd as a way to comemmorate the holiday season without taking part in its pressures and commercialism. Festivus has been described as a parody, and as playful consumer resistance. It was conceived by the writer Daniel O'Keefe in 1966 to commemorate his first date with his wife, and has been celebrated by his family since then. Festivus was introuced to popular culture in an episode of Seinfeld during the 1997 season, O'Keefe's son - who'se also called Daniel - worked as a screenwriter on the show.

11 am to midday

Christmas at the Hopuruahine by Jack Lasenby ready by Stuart Devenie.

The new Anglican bishop of Wellington Justin Duckworth admits to a few nerves before his first Christmas as head of the Wellington Diocese.

A Chrismas Carol by William Topaz McGonagall read by Adam Macauley.

12:00 The World at Noon

Radio New Zealand national and international news

12:30 Bethlehem

John Laurenson meets the dwindling Christian community in Bethlehem, the most important city for Christians at Christmas. (BBC) 

2:05 He Touched Me: Elvis' Gospel Music

Elvis Presley won three Grammy Awards in his lifetime – all were for religious recordings. This programme looks at his love for gospel music, his roots in the church, and the stories behind his greatest gospel recordings and performances (Joyride Media).

3:04 Tuning In

Historian Dominic Sandbrook tells the story of how radio broadcasting began in Britain, and why it took so long to get started (BBC)

5:00 The World at Five

Radio New Zealand national and international news, followed by Global Business from the BBC

6:06 The Queen’s Message

The Queen with her annual message to the Commonwealth (BBC)

6:30 Spectrum

The Nelson Ark - Deborah Nation visits a scheme that brings together young people and animals as a way to teach empathy, compassion and tolerance (RNZ)

7:04 Christmas Night

Entertainment and information, including:

7.06 Bread of Heaven, by Vincent O’Sullivan (RNZ)

8.15 Windows on the World: A Tale of Two Cities at Christmas

9.06 The Tuesday Feature: The Michael King Memorial Lecture 2012 (RNZ)

10:00 The World at Ten

Radio New Zealand national and international news

10:12 What's the Word 

America's literary discussion, hosted by Sally Placksin (MLA)

11:06 Christmas Church Service

From the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter in Hamilton, led by The Dean of the Church, the Very Reverend Peter Rickman (RNZ)