24 Oct 2019

SkyCity fire: 8 million litres of firefighting water flooding carpark

From Checkpoint, 5:15 pm on 24 October 2019

After more than 50 hours fighting the fire at the SkyCity Convention Centre in central Auckland, firefighters say the blaze is under control, but it is not over.

Eight million litres of possibly-contaminated water has flooded the basement carpark of SkyCity, and the question is what to do with it.

SkyCity has confirmed it will compensate the owners of vehicles there. The casino will reopen for business on Thursday night, and SkyCity's restaurants will open doors on Friday.

But it could be weeks before the scene of the fire itself is cleared, and work is just beginning to ensure that the site is structurally safe.

Reporter Anneke Smith and videographer Patrice Allen filed this report.