20 Sep 2019

Poo emoji election marketing causes stink in New Plymouth

From Checkpoint, 5:50 pm on 20 September 2019

An ad campaign encouraging people to vote in local body elections - which features a poo emoji and the catchphrase 'Give a shit - vote today' - has kicked up a stink in New Plymouth.

The smiling -turd emoji ads appeared on the district council's website, its Facebook page and billboards this morning, flushing out a torrent of comments -- the majority negative.

The website banner features a young woman on a hilltop holding a large poop emoji with the headline “I give a shit about New Plymouth”.

Other variations include "I give a shit about metal health" and "I give a shit about water quality".

The council's chief executive Craig Stevenson, was walking down the high street sporting t-shirt with a "I give a shit" logo when RNZ caught up with him.

He's unapologetic about the stink the campaign is causing.

Mr Stevenson reckons rather than turning their noses up ratepayers are embracing the turd.

Council candidate Bruce Gatwood-Cook says the campaign smells like a winner to him.

The current holder of the mayoral chains Neil Holdom declined to comment saying it was an operational matter, but his rival Max Brough was happy to dump on the idea.

The campaign didn't wash with youngsters at a popular youth hangout either.

The general public it seemed did at least ‘give a shit’.

Voting ballots began being posted out in New Plymouth on Friday and voting closes at midday October 12.