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Teresa Cowie

Photo of Teresa Cowie

Presenter of Summer Report

Growing up in a farming family in Hokitika has prepared Teresa well for a life in journalism. While training at the BBC in London she spent much of her time filming surgeons wearing their white wellies in theatre, or donning her own green gumboots as she chased pigs around the countryside for the programme Jimmy’s Farm. You might think writing obituaries for people who hadn’t even died yet might be a gruesome task. Not so for this sturdy farm girl, who spent one summer unearthing the career highs and lows of Westminster politicians for Sky News.

Teresa has a degree in English Literature and Social Policy from Victoria University, and worked as a Producer for BBC Television News in London before taking up a role as a Reporter for Radio New Zealand.

She enjoys theatre, ballet and riding her highly impractical, but delightfully traditional, bicycle.

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