28 Jun 2019

Dateline Pacific for 28 June 2019

From , 3:06 pm on 28 June 2019

Last week, the International Labour Organisation put the Fijian government on notice over its failure to implement reforms agreed to in 2016. It has been given until November this year to show progress; Samoan officials say the expelling of seasonal workers from New Zealand, and the blacklisting of their villages in Samoa, is a one-off incident; A West Papuan human rights defender and researcher who has been in New Zealand this week has called for more Pacific islands countries to speak up internationally about human rights in her homeland; Wilson Thompson, the president of the Papua New Guinea Farmers and Settlers Association, is angry at the country's failure to look after its culturally important sites; Historic Tahiti corruption case ends with order to repay more than 4 million US dollars.