17 Apr 2019

WHO warns of health dangers from betel nut and tobacco

From , 3:00 pm on 17 April 2019

The World Health Organisation says the combination of betel nut and tobacco is heightening health risks as both substances contain cancer causing agents and are addictive.

A recent health meeting in Palau heard the rates of oral cancer in under 40-year-olds is escalating and there are reports of children as young as six chewing betel nut in some countries.

A Technical Officer at the World Health Organisation in Fiji, Dr Ada Moadsiri, spoke to Jenny Meyer about betel nut use in the Pacific region.

Betel Nut, or Buai

Betel Nut, or Buai Photo: Banni Pulikottil CC BY 2.5

Ada Moadsiri says the WHO is working with Pacific government to identify policies and legislation to address public health concerns related to betel nut.