15 Feb 2018

4500 people in evacuation centres on Tongatapu

From , 6:04 am on 15 February 2018

The Tongan government says 4,500 people are being housed in 108 evacuation centres after Cyclone Gita.

The minister in charge of disaster management Poasi Tei in a press conference in Nuku Alofa this afternoon said there has been no confirmation of deaths caused by the cyclone when it struck on Monday night.

Although Tonga police confirmed yesterday that a 72 year old did die of a heart attack while being rushed to hospital after the event.

Poasi Tei said 3 people were seriously injured during Gita and a further 30 people sustained minor injuries.

The government says 119 homes were destroyed by the cyclone and a little over 11-hundred suffered minor damage (1131) .

70-thousand people live on the main island of Tongatapu which along with the neighbouring island Eua bore the brunt of the category four storm.

New Zealand Tongan broadcaster John Pulu is in the capital Nuku Alofa he spoke with Koroi Hawkins shortly after the minister's press conference about the situation on Tongatapu.

Tongatapu following Cyclone Gita

Photo: New Zealand High Commisson in Tonga