7 Nov 2018

Tonga govt hopes to deliver services better thanks to new app

4:32 pm on 7 November 2018

The Tongan government is hopeful a new mapping application will allow it to more efficiently deliver services to those who need them.

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Photo: 123RF

PopGIS3 has just been released in Tonga, making it the first Pacific Island country to benefit from the technology, which allows the visualisation of data according to where it has been collected.

The Bureau of Statistics said long term benefits include advocacy and awareness-raising about the population and other areas of development.

Government Statistician, Viliami Fifita, said the new technology will make information more accessible.

"We owe people information. Whatever level they are, they need to know exactly [and] in a more friendly manner. Especially the decision-makers, they need to have an informed decision about something, especially towards the marginalised and the vulnerable groups here in the kingdom."