7 Nov 2018

Missing Vanuatu boy feared drowned

9:42 am on 7 November 2018

A ten-year-old boy remains missing in Vanuatu and is feared to have drowned.

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Photo: CC0 Public Domain

The boy was travelling in a canoe with three family members, one of whom, a four-year-old boy was found dead by police.

The Vanuatu Daily Post reported two women in the canoe were found yesterday by police, washed ashore on Rano Island in Malekula province.

They were taken to hospital and placed in intensive care.

Vanuatu Police have confirmed finding the mother of the four-year-old boy and the seventeen-year-old girl and rushed them to hospital where they are in intensive care.

Police and the captain of the Vanuatu Patrol Boat RVS Turoroa also confirmed finding the dead body of the four-year-old boy but the ten-year old boy has not been found.

Bereaved members of the family confirm the mother of the boy is the elder sister of the 17-year old girl and the missing 10-year old boy is their young brother.

The family say when they are strong enough to talk then the two survivors will explain what happened to cause them to float out to sea and explain what happened to their 10-year-old brother.