6 Nov 2018

Niue TB outbreak could have been avoided - opposition MP

12:48 pm on 6 November 2018

An opposition MP in Niue says the recent return of tuberculosis to the island could have been prevented by better checks on visitors.

Niue Hospital in Alofi, Niue.

Photo: Supplied/ Dr Penny McAllum

Earlier this month, Niue's Government said two school children had been diagnosed with the disease since September.

The country is in the process of screening its entire population and has found more than 60 people testing positive for TB bacteria.

It has not been confirmed if they have the disease.

Terry Coe said the outbreak was disappointing and Niue needs to start screening visitors on arrival.

"People coming from the Pacific, they need to be tested for TB. It's quite a simple test at the airport, and then just check them 3 days later and if they're confirmed with TB, then they should be sent home rather than stay here and pass it on to the children."