9 Aug 2018

Former Vanuatu public servant faces money laundering charges

4:19 pm on 9 August 2018

In Vanuatu a former senior public servant is facing money laundering charges after allegations he stole almost 135-thousand US dollars while in charge of European Union projects.

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The Vanuatu Daily Post reports Victor Rory is facing 20 counts of obtaining money by deception and 20 counts of money laundering.

According to court affidavits, Mr Rory was in charge of the European Union funded projects in Vanuatu and the Principal Aid Negotiator when the alleged offending happened.

Mr Rory was supposed to stand trial for plea on Tuesday but his defence counsel has asked for leave saying they need more time.

In his statement, the complainant in the case - former Director General in the Prime Minister's Office, Johnson Naviti - stated that the accused's role is to ensure the completion of the project reports by the consultants.

The bulk of the reports were done in English, however there were times when the French version was required and Mr Rory and the support unit had to engage people to help in the translation.

The prosecution alleged that Mr Rory owned a translation company called 'Lamboung Edition and Translation', this company was engaged of the translations hence Rory's involvement.

The charges were laid against Mr Rory after Mr Naviti said it is wrong for Mr Rory to be working as the Principal Aid Negotiator and at the same time paying his own translation company.