12 Jul 2018

Constitutional reforms expected in Vanuatu parliament this year

3:25 pm on 12 July 2018

The acting clerk of Vanuatu's parliament says he expects a renewed push to pass constitutional reforms later this year.

Leon Teter was representing Vanuatu at a gathering of the region's speakers and clerks in Wellington this week.

He said it was an opportunity to learn about rules and practices, including how parliaments can run more smoothly.

Mr Teter said Vanuatu has seen decades of reform mainly aimed at the public service, but parliament itself has gone largely untouched.

This allowed pressure to build ahead of the 2016 political crisis, when the president stepped in to dissolve parliament after half a government was jailed.

"It was sad that [the] parliament of Vanuatu has gone through this scandal, but currently we have some discussions to carry out I would say a little reform concerning our parliament."

"I have had heard that the government will bring the constitutional amendment this year," he said.

Vanuatu parliament building in the capital Port Vila.

Vanuatu parliament building in the capital Port Vila. Photo: RNZI/ Walter Zweifel