15 Jun 2018

Vanuatu handicraft sector plan launched

12:43 pm on 15 June 2018

In Vanuatu, a four-year Handicraft Sector Action Plan has been launched by the Department of Tourism Development.

Vanuatu food market

A market in Vanuatu Photo: RNZI / Moera Tuilaepa Taylor

The Action Plan focuses on the increasing 'made in Vanuatu 'products to meet the demanding tourism market.

It's to be run in partnership with the Australian aid-funded Vanuatu Skills Partnership Programme, and the government of New Zealand, through the Vanuatu Tourism Strategic Action Plan.

The Daily Post Newspaper said that annually visitors spend $US12 million on souvenirs from Vanuatu but 90 percent of them are imported products.

The objective of the Action Plan is to gradually phase out all imported products with 100 percent made in Vanuatu products.