31 May 2018

Fiji Employment Ministry warns of overseas exploitation

1:42 pm on 31 May 2018

Fiji's Ministry of Employment is warning that Fijians of all ages are being targeted for exploitation in overseas jobs.

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Two young women recently revealed they were lured by nannying jobs in Samoa's hotel industry but ended up cleaning and cooking around the clock without a proper contract in what they called slave-like conditions.

Fiji's Ministry of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations said promises of a bright future, good wages and working conditions seem attractive but were often too good to be true.

The Ministry said workers could become helpless in a foreign land, and the possibility of exploitation was very high.

It urged anyone wanting to work overseas to seek advice with the Ministry first, to check employment contracts and the registration of recruitment agencies.

The Ministry said the best way to avoid inferior working conditions overseas was to go through the National Employment Centre where potential foreign workers receive training about what to expect and information on complaints resolution and who to contact if issues arise.

It said anyone in a foreign country needing protection should contact the Fiji Diplomatic Mission or the Ministry of Employment.