30 Jan 2018

French consultations canvass overseas concerns

3:26 pm on 30 January 2018

About 15,000 people, including many in the French Pacific, have contributed to the French state's broad public consultations canvassing issues of concern to citizens living overseas.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia Photo: RNZ Pacific

The overseas ministry said meetings will continue while another round of online consultations will be held from next month.

It said key issues had been identified in each territory.

In French Polynesia, public transport, the fight against addictions and adapting constructions to risks are the main issues.

In New Caledonia, contributors focussed on help for school drop-outs, better protection of the environment and improved business management.

In Wallis and Futuna, there are calls for better roads, improved protection of nature and the preservation of the local heritage.

The consultations were organised by the new administration of Emmanuel Macron and the findings are expected to be published in May to be the basis for policies and projects.