18 Jan 2018

Late Samoan horticulturalist helped strangers and community

1:57 pm on 18 January 2018

Tributes are pouring in for a renowned Samoan and teacher who died at the weekend.

Seumanutafa Dr Malcolm Hazelman (right)

Seumanutafa Dr Malcolm Hazelman (right) Photo: Facebook

Seumanutafa Dr Malcolm Hazelman's career featured stints with regional organisations like the Food and Agriculture Organisation, the Secretariat of the Pacific Community as well as the University of the South Pacific.

A Tokelauan who sought his help to start a community garden, Mikaele Maiava, said Seumanutafa was forthcoming with sound advice.

"I planned to do this in Tokelau, and it is very harsh conditions and people they don't believe here they can grow a lot of vegetables here due to challenges with the soil. And so Malcolm, as always, he shared with me a website on keyhole gardens, how to build, and that's how I got to know him."

Mikaele Maiava said the garden project had since received funding and expanded to all Tokelau atolls as a community youth programme.

He said Seumanutafa was a friend and mentor and that he planned to attend his funeral in Samoa this weekend.