PNG police minister emphasises discipline

10:35 am on 13 October 2017

Papua New Guinea's new Police Minister said he is working to instill more discipline in the constabulary.

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Photo: AFP

Jelta Wong has played down reports that the upper hierarchy of the police force is mired by divisions.

This follows the suspension of a senior police officer who publicly pushed for the removal of the assistant police commissioner.

Mr Wong, who was appointed to the role two months ago, said it was wrong for an officer to call out a colleague of higher rank.

He said the force will become more proactive with disciplinary measures.

"At the moment, yes we've had some rotten apples in the police force who have done some stupid things. But we're working on it and we are strengthening our internal affairs," he said.

"So we should have a better outlook on it in the coming years."

Jelta Wong said the police force has been under-resourced for years.

He said the government plans to better direct funding and resources to parts of the force which need it most.