13 Oct 2017

Opposition slams militarisation of Fiji police force

7:20 am on 13 October 2017

The opposition SODELPA party in Fiji has deplored the government's decision to transfer police powers to the military.

Fiji police

Fiji police Photo: Facebook Fiji Police

The military confirmed last week a task force was being formed from which soldiers would respond to robberies and other crimes.

The Leader of the opposition Ro Teimumu Kepa has called on the people to oppose the move which she calls a step towards cementing constitutional dictatorship in Fiji.

She said the police commissioner, who is a former soldier, supports the militarisation of the police force to keep Fijians at the mercy of the army.

"The powers being transferred to the military from the police shows the government fears and does not trust the police. It further depicts that despite exorbitant but delayed funding the Fiji Police Force has failed to live up to its role. This was systematically carried out to militarize the country".

Ro Teimumu said evidence world wide shows police powers are only taken over by the military to entrench and protect dictatorships.