2 Oct 2017

Suspended Samoa policeman reinstated

6:43 am on 2 October 2017
Samoa police inspector Taupa’u Kaioneta Kitiona Aliisolia

Samoa police inspector Taupa’u Kaioneta Kitiona Aliisolia Photo: RNZI Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

A police inspector in Samoa has been reinstated after being suspended for ten months following three charges of contempt of court laid against him as a result of a complaint filed to the police by a former government minister and his family.

The police inspector, Taupa'u Kaioneta Kitiona Aliisolia, went back to his job last weekend but he says the outcome of the court hearing on his charges was the answer from God for his innocence.

The inspector was accused by the complainant, who is a high ranking orator, of breaches of a Lands and Titles decision relating to customary land Mr Aliisolia is residing on with his family in the village of Puipa'a.

He was suspended with pay for only three months however he said the remaining unpaid seven months of his suspension should have been reimbursed by the ministry of police in due course