20 Sep 2017

Evidence disappears in police officer trial

8:39 am on 20 September 2017

A gun being used as evidence in the trial of a police officer facing firearm charges in Samoa has disappeared from court.

Samoa police graduates

Samoa police graduates Photo: RNZI Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

The Observer says the deputy registrar of the court reported the gun missing to police on Monday.

The chief executive of the Ministry of Justice Papali'i John Papali'i said the police were notified after an internal investigation failed to find out how the gun disappeared.

Papali'i says in the meantime court exhibits have been locked away in a place with only one key that never leaves his sight.

The trial of the suspended police officer is due to resume on Friday for the court to render its decision.

The officer entered a not guilty plea to 10 criminal charges against him including the discharging of a firearm.