18 Sep 2017

Samoa court upholds strike out on appeal by NZ lawyer

4:43 pm on 18 September 2017

A New Zealand-based Samoan lawyer, Leulua'ialii Olinda Woodroffe, has failed to overturn a Supreme Court decision in a suit she brought against judge Lloyd Fisher.

Leulua'ialii Olinda Woodroffe

Leulua'ialii Olinda Woodroffe Photo: RNZI Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia

Leulua'ialii was suing Justice Fisher, the President of the Samoa Court of Appeal, for an alleged breach of her rights when he made comments during an appeal hearing last year.

The plaintiff in her submission said the respondent had called her incompetent, amongst other insults, during the hearing.

But the Appeal Court has upheld the Supreme Court decision to strike out the action.

The Court has also ruled the plaintiff must pay the respondents $US15 thousand dollars costs.

Leulua'ialii said she will now take her case to the International Human Rights court.