31 Aug 2017

Push to unleash Pacific entrepreneurial spirit in NZ

3:08 pm on 31 August 2017

A conference in south Auckland aims to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit amoung Pacific people in New Zealand.

Pacific business.

Photo: RNZ Pacific

The two day fono brings together innovators from a variety of sectors, including social, business, health and education.

The meeting is being held by the Emerging Pasifika Leaders Steering Group, which is funded by Auckland Council's Southern Initiative.

The head of the group, Stephanie Erick Tautolo, said there were ongoing barriers to Pacific people realising their full potential.

She said the conference was a rallying call to motivate Pacific people towards business and being part of economic and social change in their own communities and sectors.

"I think in the first instance, the normal historical history that we've had in Aotearoa New Zealand is that we are migrants. And our families came here to give us a great education and that is wonderful however in our communities, particularly in south Auckland, there is an overrepresentation of things that hold us back. Access to alcohol, access to tobacco, access to fast foods."

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