14 Jan 2017

Tongan authorities warn of heat

9:46 am on 14 January 2017

Tonga's Director of Health Siale 'Akauola has urged the public to be more cautious during the extreme heat of the week.

Dr 'Akauola's warning comes as the country experiences higher than usual heat and humid conditions.

The Director has highlighted the need to pay extra attention to the elderly, people living with disabilities, young children, visiting foreigners and people diagnosed with diabetes.

Dr 'Akauola told Radio Tonga during humid days these people are at risk and vulnerable to dehydration.

A Tongan child drinks from a coconut near the Tuanekivale medical site for Pacific Partnership 2011.

A Tongan child drinks refreshing coconut water Photo: US NAVY/Tech. Sgt. Tony Tolley

He has urged the public to cover their bodies from the sun by wearing hats, using umbrellas and sun screen and to drink lots of water.

He also highlighted the need for those working outside to be more careful when it came to dealing with the heat.

Tonga's Meteorology Office says this week, Wednesday's struck 33 degrees celsius, while on Tuesday the temperature had an average of 32.

The temperature range for this week was between 30 and 33 degrees, making it one of the warmest weeks in recent times.

Last year the warmest temperature recorded was just over 30 degrees.