19 Nov 2016

Sport: Tonga rugby expects pressure from Eagles

12:36 pm on 19 November 2016

Tonga's rugby coach says he still expects the USA to put his team under pressure despite their match up coming on the back of two losses by the Eagles.

The US team were thumped by the New Zealand Maori 54-7 in Chicago two weeks ago and last week were beaten 23-10 by Romania in Bucharest.

Toutai Kefu said the latter result was particularly surprising.

"Watching their last couple of games, they are a lively bunch, they will get up in our face, put a bit of pressure on us, try and cut ahead of time in the space that we have, but we are focussed, it's all about what we can do, we can control," he said.

"So it's been all about us this week and trying to work on from last week."

Toutai Kefu said he expects his Tongan team to put a vastly improved performance from their last match, a 28-13 victory over a stubborn Spanish side.

The Tongan team training in Spain November 2016.

The Tongan team training in Spain Photo: Tonga Rugby Union