22 Aug 2016

Cooks food producer recycling canola oil as fuel

10:51 am on 22 August 2016

A commercial vegetable grower on Rarotonga in the Cook Islands is recycling canola oil as fuel for its vehicles.

The president of Titi-kaveka Agricultural Association, Teava Iro, said they wanted to be more sustainable in their fuel use, in the same way they aim to reduce the country's food imports.

He said the oil was what restaurants and take away bars want to discard.

Mr Iro said the company was refining the oil but he was still experimenting on the best way to do this.

"Ah it is not 100 percent - we are mixing it with fuel,, with diesel, 50/50. Yeah it seems to work alright but I think there are other things we need to know or understand of how it is done. Certainly it goes through a lot of filters, so while we are trying to reduce the cost, the cost of filters goes up, so..."

canola flowers - bright yellow, in close-up

Photo: 123RF